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Lifespace Cast Iron Pie Sandwich (Jaffle) Irons - 2 pack

Lifespace Cast Iron Pie Sandwich (Jaffle) Irons - 2 pack

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Two Lifespace Cast Iron Pie Sandwich (Jaffle) Irons

What's better than one? Two! Double your cooking pleasure in half the time with a 2-pack Lifespace pie sandwich (jaffle iron) Set, this has to be a winner!

Hot and crispy pie sandwiches are a delectable snack that have been much loved both in South Africa and around the world for many years.

Who said jaffles have to be square? These days Jaffle irons and Jaffle makers are designed to produce predominantly square shape toasties however the first line of Jaffle Irons were originally a round design.

A good quality round pie sandwich (jaffle) iron is definitely worth the investment for someone who’s into the rounded style jaffle. Whether you're looking to add a round jaffle Iron to your camp arsenal or just looking for that handy tool for making tasty late night snacks, the Lifespace Pie Sandwich/ Jaffle Iron is for you!

About this item:

Long-lasting cast-iron head with easy open hinge, great way to cook your favorite jaffle, fruit pie dessert or a hot sandwich over an open fire for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Seasoned cast-iron finish on interior of the iron, to ensure it locks in the flavors.

Cool touch wood handles for ease of use.

The stainless steel rods have a stainless steel S-hook to keep your pie sandwich/ jaffle iron closed while cooking.

Cooking head measures 4.7in and total length is 16.5in

Weight: 4.5lbs

Package Dimensions: 4.7in x 4in x 17in long

What's in the Box:

2 x Lifespace Cast Iron Pie Sandwich/ Jaffle Irons

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