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Lifespace Coal Scoop & Rake Bundle Combo Pack

Lifespace Coal Scoop & Rake Bundle Combo Pack

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Lifespace Combo Deals Save You Money!

Easily move and spread hot coals with the Lifespace coal & rake combo! Works well for cleaning out wood stoves, grillers & fireplaces.

Lifespace Coal Scoop - A quality mild steel coal shovel for moving hot coals or ash in your grill or fireplace. Comes with a hang loop for easy organization and storage.

Not Just a Coal Shovel: a big and deep shovel to catch more ash or debris. Use it as a fire poker, coal shovel, ash shovel, fire oven shovel, dust pan, pet food scoop, poop scooper etc...

Lifespace Quality Coal Rake - Premium Quality Steel with a detachable head - Made of high quality chrome plated steel for long-lasting durability, you’ll never worry about your rake rusting, bending, or breaking. Be sure to tighten the nut in front securely with a spanner. Conveniently carry wherever you go and comes with a handy loop handle for hanging.

Package Weight: 1,8lbs

Package Dimensions: 26,3in x 5,1in x 2in long

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace Coal Scoop with Black Handle

1 x Lifespace Coal Rake

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