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Lifespace Double Sided Rib Stand - Chrome

Lifespace Double Sided Rib Stand - Chrome

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Lifespace Double Rib Stand - Chrome

Outdoor Campfire Cooking - Having a fire for atmosphere and a separate fire for cooking is not cool; waiting for the fire to die down and for the coals to be ready is a thing of the past; cook your ribs (and other meat) next to the fire while maintaining the vibe! Our Lifespace Rib Stand has place for two rib baskets.

Safety Chain - Supplied with an adjustable chain to make sure it does not collapse and spoil your meat; and you can adjust the angle of your ribs according to the flame/ fire.

Avoid Flare-ups & Enjoy Healthy Cooking - No more fat dripping into the fire causing flames and burnt meat. Indirect cooking means you get to enjoy healthier food.

Bigger is Better - The Lifespace Double Rib Stand is larger than the average rib stand making it more sturdy & heavy duty. Made from 0.3in mild steel with a safety chain to keep it all in place. Built to last a lifetime!

Portable & Easy to Clean - The Lifespace Double Rib Stand is portable, folds nearly flat and is easy to pack and transport! Being chrome plated means it's easy to clean; avoid mess around your grill or in your car.

Fantastic Gift - The perfect gift for any Grill Master or camping enthusiast.


Package Size: 3.9in x 13.8in x 17.7in high

Package Weight: 3lbs

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace Double Rib Stand - Chrome

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