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Lifespace Portable Lightweight Charcoal Grill with FREE Carry Bag

Lifespace Portable Lightweight Charcoal Grill with FREE Carry Bag

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The Hassle-Free Lightweight Portable Grill You Were Looking For!

Great for camping, tail-gate parties, fishing trips, 4x4 trips, outdoor cooking & grilling on the go! Now with an up-graded charcoal basket!

About this item:

Everybody loves the flavor of charcoal grilled food, but not so much everything else that comes with it; the messy & time-consuming preparation, the tons of smoke produced by regular grills and the huge amount of space they take to store, or the almost impossible task to take it anywhere you like!

Well, that won’t be a problem anymore!

Introducing the Lifespace Portable Lightweight Grill - The ultimate safe and easy to use cooking device!

You can become a grill master in no time and invite your family and friends for a great and delicious meal!

Everyone Can Be A Grill Master: You will be ready to grill in just five minutes as the battery operated turbo fan regulates the airflow for a perfect cook. Uses 4 x AA batteries which are not included. It’s quick and easy to assemble.

Ready To Go - Travel Bag Included: The Lifespace Portable Grill is super lightweight (10,8lbs), compact (13,78in wide x 9,8in high) and comes with a FREE transport cover, making it the best portable grill for camping, picnics, tailgate parties or any outdoor activity.

Ventilation System - Less Charcoal, More Flavor: Unlike most grills, the Lifespace Grill ventilation system helps to dramatically reduce the amount of charcoal you’ll need, while still giving your food that smoky flavor you love. Safe money and space.

Healthy & 'Almost' Smokeless Grilling: The round impact plate in the middle of the reversible cast iron cooking grate prevents fat from dripping directly into the charcoal box and producing excess smoke. The oil and fire are separated to achieve an (almost) smokeless effect. The flame and charcoal are not in direct contact with the grilled food, so that no harmful substances are created. Compared to a traditional charcoal grill, it is actually safer to eat.



Package size: 13.8in x 13.8in x 9.5in (h)

Package Weight: 11lbs

Ratings & Reviews:

The Lifespace Portable Grill is loved by the many customers who own one.

5 out 5* stars - Lifespace SA

4.7 out of 5* stars - Takealot SA

*Please note: a dome lid can be purchased separately.

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace Portable Grill

1 x Transport FREE Bag with Zip

1 x Grid lifter

1 x Instruction Booklet

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