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Lifespace Rotisserie Grill Ring for 22in Kettle Grill with Motor, Shaft & Prongs

Lifespace Rotisserie Grill Ring for 22in Kettle Grill with Motor, Shaft & Prongs

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Rotisserie grill like a professional! 

Great Addition To Your Kettle Grill - The Lifespace Rotisserie Grill Ring turns your kettle grill into a chicken, pork or beef roaster which is ideal for hosting parties with families and friends. It can easily hold up to two whole chickens, meat roasts and many other delicacies at the same time. Compatible with the Lifespace standard flat & deep rotisserie grill baskets so even more perfect for hosting parties and outdoor cooking events.

Powerful Motor - Comes with a powerful 12 volt motor (with option for 240volt adaptor) and holds up to 44lbs capacity. Because of its 360-degree rotation, it maintains a stable temperature and moisture retention so your roast is cooked evenly and tender.

Fantastic Gift - A great gift for the grill master looking to expand their grilling skills!

Can be used with the Lifespace Standard flat grill basket or Lifespace standard deep grill basket.


Made with strong 0.24in chrome plated mild steel with a 0.32in square rotisserie shaft.

Ring outside diameter - 21.65in. Fits Weber 22.5in kettle braai and similar; please check as some "22.5in" grills are smaller which means this may not fit correctly.

Package dimensions: 22.84in x 24in x 3.54in high.

Package weight: 4.9lbs including motor

What's in the Box:

1 x Lifespace Rotisserie Grill Ring

1 x Lifespace Rotisserie Shaft

2 x Lifespace 4-prong Forks

1 x Lifespace Rotisserie Motor

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