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Lifespace Rotisserie Grill Skewer Set

Lifespace Rotisserie Grill Skewer Set

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Lifespace Rotisserie Grill Skewer Set

  • Simply setup the skewers on the rotisserie grill and leave the grill to do all the work. The rotating action will ensure that meat and vegetables are all fully cooked and moist. The self basting nature of a rotisserie will ensure your food will remain wonderfully moist and tender all the times.
  • Stainless steel Universal rotisserie Kebab skewers set.
  • Comes with 6 short (11.8in) and 6 long (16.14in) skewers.
  • Unmissable accessory when you have a rotisserie grill.
  • Expands your rotisserie so you can grill more items on the same rotisserie grill length.
  • Healthier then grilling on a grill plate.
  • Fantastic gift for the "Ultimate Grill Master".

Fits on most rotisserie shafts. Main/ central shaft not included.


Package size: 17.3in x 6.7in x 1.96in high.

Package Weight: 2.51lbs

What's in the box:

2 x Lifespace Rotisserie End Plates.

6 x Lifespace Short Skewers.

6 x Lifespace Long Skewers.

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